What is a Deep Tissue Massage? A treatment that realigns deep layers of connective and muscle tissue to release chronic tension patterns in the body. With a deep tissue massage, deep finger pressure and slow strokes follow the fiber of your muscles, fascia, and tendons to provide relief. 

This massage technique typically uses more pressure than most other forms of massage, but it is much more than just a hard pressure massage. Some people experience stiffness or tenderness after a deep tissue massage, but it typically subsides within a day, while the benefits of the massage last for weeks.

Deep Tissue vs. Other Massage Types

Swedish massage is the most common type, which helps reduce muscle tension. Compared to deep tissue and other massage types, it uses less pressure and is meant to relax.

Trigger point massage helps intervene when you experience intense pain in common trigger areas. The goal here is to alleviate pain at the trigger points, which helps lessen the pain that has radiated from the trigger point. Trigger point massages are commonly used to help people suffering from pain related to temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Sports massages are routinely scheduled for athletes to help maintain flexibility and prevent injuries. Like deep tissue, they aid in breaking down scar tissue and improving circulation. 

Deep tissue massage typically uses more pressure than Swedish massage and treats more areas than trigger point massage. It is an essential part of recovery for many back and neck injuries and benefits many physio patients in eliminating scar tissue.

Is it Right for You?

Deep Tissue Massage for Greer SC area. Oceans Calm Massage

If you’ve ever gone in for a Swedish massage and felt you wanted more pain relief from your experience, a deep massage could be just what you need. Many people start with deep tissue and skip the Swedish massage altogether, which could be right for you. People with these conditions often find significant relief:

● Muscle Tension

● Muscle Spasms

● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

● Limited Mobility

● Chronic Pain

● Osteoarthritis Pain

● Poor Posture

● Lasting injury pain

● Whiplash

● Sports injuries

The number one goal of this type of massage is to reduce pain. When you receive deep tissue massage manipulation, you reduce muscle tension, inflammation, and toxins in your body. Because your body releases toxins during a deep massage, drinking plenty of water after your appointment is essential. 

How Often Should You Book a Massage?

It would be best to aim for weekly appointments when you book your first few deep tissue massage appointments. Your body needs to adjust and will need some extra help releasing tension in the beginning. 

After about six sessions, you can reduce your massage appointments to every two weeks. To keep experiencing chronic pain relief, keep your appointments regularly. Don’t forget to call if you will miss an appointment so you can reschedule before your next appointment. 

If you have to take a break from bi-weekly massage appointments, expect to need more massages when you return before you feel the same relief you had before a break from massages. 

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