What is hot stone massage therapy: A hot stone massage is a massage therapy treatment. It relaxes and soothes tightened muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout the body. During the therapy, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific body parts. The stone that retains heat is basalt, a type of volcanic rock.

The University of New Hampshire Health Services states hot massage stones are heated to 130 to 145 degrees.

The stones can be placed:

The massage therapist can hold hot stones while massaging your body with Swedish massage techniques, such as

Cold stones can also be used during the hot stone massage. After the hot stones, cold stones can also be used, which have a soothing effect on the skin and relieve constriction of blood vessels.

Advantages of hot stone massage

Hot Massage Therapy

All messages are generally included under the term alternative medicine. They are increasingly becoming a popular complementary therapy for many conditions. Here are some of the benefits of a hot stone massage:

It can relieve tension and pain in the muscle areas.

The use of heat has been known to relieve muscle tightness and pain. They allow blood flow to the pain region; the heat also reduces muscle spasms and can increase the flexibility of motion. Cold therapy can help relieve inflammation. Depending on the condition, it may be helpful to alternate hot and cold stones during the massage

Relieve stress and anxiety

“Massage therapy is an effective means of stress relief,” according to the American Massage Therapy Association. Research supports this view: a 2001 study showed that a 10-minute massage improved cardiovascular responses, such as pulse rate; a 1997 study showed that a 15-minute massage at work significantly reduced stress compared to a 15-minute break without massage.

Promote sleep

A 2006 literature study found that massage can be an alternative to sleeping pills for adults with insomnia. Studies have shown that back massage promotes relaxation and sleep; a 2001 study found that babies with sleep problems fell asleep faster after a 15-minute massage by their parents. They were also more alert, active and cheerful when they woke up. Massages are thought to contribute to more restful sleep, but the reasons for this are not yet fully understood.

It may help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

Hot stone massage can relieve pain associated with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia causes widespread chronic pain. A 2002 study found that fibromyalgia patients who received a 30-minute treatment slept better and longer, had very few trigger points, and had lower levels of substance P (a substance involved in pain signaling) than those with the same condition who received relaxation therapy (levels were lower). However, more research is needed before a massage becomes a standard fibromyalgia treatment.

It may help relieve some symptoms of cancer. 

The Journal of Pain and Symptom and management published a three-year study on how massage treatment affected pain, stress, anxiety, nausea, and depression in 1,290 cancer patients. The study showed that massage, particularly Swedish massage, improved cancer symptoms even in people with significant symptoms. The researchers believe that the comfort of human hands plays an important role.

Potential to strengthen immunity

Massage can boost the immune system: according to a 2010 study, one session of Hot Stone massage therapy had a positive and acute effect on immunity. A decrease in arginine vasopressin, a hormone that regulates blood pressure and water retention, using blood “Before and After” samples.

Who can benefit from hot stone massage?

Anyone who suffers from muscle tension, pain, insomnia, or stress can benefit from a hot stone massage. If you have a chronic condition that causes pain, ask your doctor if a hot stone massage is for you.

Risks and Warnings

A hot stone massage is generally safe when performed by a trained therapist. Some people may want to avoid this treatment. Consult a physician before receiving a massage if you have any of the following problems

Prenatal massage can help relieve stress and alleviate some of the pregnancy symptoms. However, most massage therapists do not use hot stones on pregnant women. If you are pregnant, ask your doctor for permission to receive a massage from a trained massage therapist for pregnant women. 

Use a towel or sheet between the hot stones and your skin to prevent burns. Check with your therapist about how they heat the stones. The therapist should use a professional massage stone warmer. Never use stones heated in a microwave oven.

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